Dr Shantanu Panja

Co-Founder and Director

The world knows him as a dynamic and compassionate doctor who commands huge popularity amongst his patients and immense respect in his professional circuit for his academic excellence and impeccable surgical skills.. A surgeon of national and international repute attached with the prestigious Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata he is also known to be a visionary and a philanthropist by heart. He witnessed the reflection of his ideologies and passion in his wife Debaroopa which brought them together. It is their dream of making a difference and empowering the youth of 21st century, which culminated in the foundation of “Tribe Tomorrow”. Coming from a humble background and struggled his way up to glory Dr Panja has always believed that education is the only tool which can empower an individual to stand up against the adversaries of this world.  As one of the Founder Director of the organization he stands like a pillar by his wife to make their dream a reality and keep inspiring every individual who comes across this power couple.