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Day: November 2, 2020

School principals against the postponement of CBSE Board Exam 2021

Amid Covid-19, several school principals in Delhi and adjoining areas are not in favor of postponing CBSE Board exams 2021 due to the closure of schools. They believe that the postponement of the board exams will not be appropriate as it will have a direct impact on the schedule of higher education entrance exams, and […]Read More

Sporty and Mighty, the Trope of the Athletic Cool Kid

In schools, very often sports are a determinant of the ‘cool’ quotient for teens and tweens. Extracurriculars have always been activities that schools stress  upon as an important part in the development of a child. But the ECA( extracurricular activity) classes children get in schools is more often than not , structured on a premise […]Read More

Let’s talk sex: The reality of painful sex for females

When it comes to sex, specially for females there is already a lot of existing stigma to brace conversations regarding the same. There are several myths about female sexuality like the one that considers females to be naturally less libidinous than men. In our social structuring, sex for women is seen more of as one […]Read More

A Generation of Internet Wokesters VS Newer and Crookeder Sexual

We are a generation that dwells on virtual intellectualism. The term ‘woke’ is often associated with the slang of Indian English with what we refer to as this virtual intellectualism. Woke is an essentially American work originating in the 70s to signify individuals aware of and actively attending to evolving issues of social justice, especially […]Read More