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Cheers to Uninhibited Spirit!!! Cheers to Ishita Basu!!!

We come across several extraordinary women in our everyday lives. In forms of various roles they play as mothers, sisters, teachers, they enhance our lives. One such extraordinary woman who has taken the role of educating young minds to create a better society is Ishita Basu. Ma’am Basu is a Senior School Faculty member of the subject English (PGT) presently at La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow. She has been in the post since March 2005 till present. Ma’am Basu has held several pedagogical positions of note previously. She has worked for Nodnat Educational Services, Career Launcher and Colvin Taluqdars’ at Lucknow, at Chaman Vatika School in Ambala and at Air Force Public School in Allahabad.

Amongst her innumerable accomplishments, she has been in several positions of leadership. Some of her most noteworthy positions have been as the teacher coordinator for the La Martiniere Girls’ College Team that performed at the Fringe Festival at Edinburgh, Scotland in 2019, and as a resident teacher at La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow, for more than 10 years. She has had professional expertise in examination conduction having been a paper setter, an examiner and Examination Coordinator for the Council of ISCE for past several years. She has been part of the Syllabus Committee Meeting that has taught her  Education Planning at the National level. She has also been a resource person for the British Council and the Council of the Indian Secondary Certificate Examination, thereby being a teacher trainer at various cities; and a Corporate Trainer/ Speaker for Companies like Reliance Jio, Hyatt Hotels etc. Ma’am Basu has also been crowned Runners Up at the Mrs Lucknow Competition.

Ishita Basu has attended national and international workshops, seminars and training programs and has been an equally active part of these events. Amongst several others, she has attended the HORNBY SEMINAR for ELT in October 2006 organized by the British Council, New Delhi. She was selected for Cascade to the HORNBY SEMINAR as a Teacher Trainer in January 2007 organized by- British Council, Jalandhar. She has also been the Resource person for Elective English at the ISC level for the Council.

Among Ma’am Basu’s most noteworthy accolades received in life, the Isabella Thorburn Award received by her in 1995, Majorie Dimmit Scholarship (Best Student-English Literature) received from IT College in 1994 and the Gandhi Corner Trophy from the La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow in 1994 has been the most prominent one’s deserving mention.

Apart from all of these achievements, Ma’am Basu is a very good speaker with a sharp sense of humour and is a most lively and charismatic person with an infectiously positive vibe about her. A quality that won her the first position in the debating event organised by Tribe Tomorrow Network called Tug of War:
Tug Of War; Yesteryear Teachers Taught, Millennial Teachers Facilitate. It was a competitive panel discussion. The fun-spirited debate was held along the lines of changing responsibilities of our teachers with changing times. Mrs Ishita Basu bagged the top position from the Yesteryear team, flooring everyone with her oratorial and her poetic observations. Mrs Basu’s beautifully empathetic speech struck a chord with the student judges and all other participants of the event.

Ishita Basu is indeed a woman of several talents and a true inspiration to many.
TRIBE TOMORROW NETWORK wishes this iconic lady a life full of memorable milestones.

A Beautiful poem by Ishita Basu

Teachers of Yesteryears Taught and Millennial Teachers Facilitate.

My thoughts…

It’s such a vast world we live in,

There’s so much beyond our reach;

Wherever there is a willing learner

There is so much to teach!

Every bit of knowledge that one gains

Incites one to further explore;

While satiating this news to study

We often wish to learn more, and more!

In this education-journey, we meet

Some teachers who painstakingly teach;

And then there are facilitators

Our goals, they help us to reach.

A teacher bears the beacon,

Shining light upon our path ahead;

They hold our hands lovingly

As on uncharted territory we tread.

Starting on a clean slate

Working with fresh clay;

A teacher imparts knowledge

To all students, each day.

As these students learn some things

Their minds start to flourish and  expand;

On various aspects of life around

They learn to take a stand.

They, then, feel capable to choose

A direction for themselves;

And that’s the point in their lives

They need a facilitator’s help.

So we see, a facilitator

Is someone who can guide,

Goad you on, prod along,

Support, they can provide.

Let’s see, what’s the essence of learning,

What is the point I’m trying to make?

The education system and learning phenomena

Is a process of give and take.

Teachers come in all shapes and sizes,

They can be of any age;

Some are Main Hoon Na’s Sushmita Sens

While others are not quite such a rage.

To touch the core of a learner

It’s important to motivate;

To inspire and lead by example

Whether we teach or facilitate!

Tug of War Episode 1

Which way will the scales tilt? Tug of War Episode 1

Posted by TribeTomorrow on Sunday, September 6, 2020
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